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Our guarantee is challenging, action-packed and fun-filled learning. We offer a range of customised short courses, skills programmes and on-site workshops to meet your specific business and performance needs. All programmes combine knowledge and theory with practice and application and learning is easily integrated into everyday interaction and professional use. There is always a variety of skills practices, classroom exercises and workplace assignments matched with facilitator coaching, to make learning real and relevant. Please contact us to receive our updated course offerings in each of the core categories below.


being brilliant

We all have unlimited potential for success, yet acknowledging this is not enough. We need to put our imagination, creativity and potential to work. Expand your knowledge, raise your professional value and achieve all that you set your mind to.

  • Maximise your psychological capital for success.
  • Identify your talents and play to your strengths.
  • Develop the habits of personal effectiveness.
  • Be proactive and put first things first.
  • Learn the importance of exemplary workplace etiquette.
  • Succeed with the Art of People and other career maximizing techniques.
  • Build self-esteem and confidence to provide service to self and others.

back2basic business skills

These are the fundamental business skills that enable us to work better, smarter and leverage best practice. Business writing that treats customers fairly, reporting that is clear and concise, business presentations that make people listen and time and priority planning to get the most out of our day, week and month. All improve our efficiency and effectiveness.

  • Professional business writing means Treating Customers Fairly.
  • Use a simplified writing style  to communicate clearly..
  • Connect with people using correct email etiquette.
  • Plan prioritise and maximise your time.
  • Assess your level of stress and decide how to fix it.
  • Present with Impact and speak so people listen!

people management master class

A team without strong leadership rarely functions well and yet few of us receive the direction and guidance we need to manage and motivate a team. Use functional and situational management techniques to align people and performance. Learn to lead without the titleand count on proactive performance from those you manage.

  • Develop contemporary management skills.
  • Become a leader who inspires performance.
  • Become a manager who delivers results.
  • Manage with emotional intelligence.
  • Count on proactive performance from those you manage.
  • Negotiate and agree on SMART objectives and performance standards.
  • Manage performance and foster focus with goal guidance.
  • Provide constructive feedback with coaching conversations.

supsersized service

While there may be those that argue that customer service is nothing more than basic common sense, it is clear that it is vital to the success of any organisation. Match individual behaviours and organisational intent and find the service potential in people and processes. Understand what memorable service looks like and learn how to circle back when we inevitably make mistakes.

  • Invest in the client experience.
  • Build a service-centric company culture.
  • Aligning service behaviours and business strategy.
  • Treat customers fairly and embrace needs and wants.
  • Focus on improving everyday interactions.
  • Keep your customer calling with telephone etiquette.
  • Commit to client friendly problem solving.
  • Manage customer touchpoints along the service pipeline.

connecting communication

Our interpersonal skills impact the way we are seen by others, the way we care and connect and the way we build authentic relationships. On-the-level engagement skills support interaction that is open, honest, fair and direct. Develop the language, tools and skills of compelling communication, interpersonal flexibility and relationship versatility.

  • Be authentic with connecting conversations.
  • Get to the heart of real issues.
  • Develop compelling and on-the-level communication skills.
  • Understand what people need from us interpersonally.
  • Speak with confidence and be heard with confidence.
  • Stay in conversations that are difficult or draining.
  • Bring out the best in less than best people and situations.
  • Recognise that conflict is inevitable and fighting’s a choice.
  • Negotiating to Yes.


Teams are the way that work gets done and succeed only when accommodating change, eliminating rivalries and focusing different perspectives on working well together. Align team players to respond to change and show what can be achieved when fully functional.

  • .Align team performance for effective team functioning.
  • Make teaming work with improved functionality and cohesiveness.
  • Develop trust and build commitment.
  • Focus on accountability and outcomes.
  • Address missteps that become barriers to contribution.
  • Build perseverance and persistence. 
  • Tackle change and challenge head-on.
  • Leverage strengths for effective team functioning. 

good2great millenium onboarding

The faster new recruits feel welcomed and organisationally equipped, the faster they will be value-adding members of their team. Acclimate new recruits, internship, learnership and graduate hires with the knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviours they need to become quickly engaged and hit the ground running.

  • Train and retain talented new recruits and next-generation leaders.
  • Promote seamless engagement in a new world of work.
  • Provide a head start to hit the ground running.
  • Develop stretch for change and challenge.
  • Avoid counterproductive workplace practices and plan for goal achievement.
  • Encourage strengths-building focus and managed personal growth.
  • Share the wisdom of experience with mentoring and coaching.


“The programme made me reflect on how my actions and how they impact others.  It taught me a new way to deal with and manage emotions.”



“I learnt a lot. I will recommend it to any new teamleader. I finally understand when to manage and what it is to lead.”

Performance Skills for Teamleaders


“The theory is good to know and the exercises and discussions made me think. I can use this in my life in general and I can also see how it will help me work with people in my team.”

Managing and Developing Myself


“Excellent! I feel I’m surrounded by disagreements and I now see how to work with this positively.”

Collaborative Conflict Resolution


“This programme will definitely help to improve how I manage my team. I am now equipped to lead and manage and know the difference between the two. I look forward to wearing different hats and seeing how my team responds.”

Performance Skills for Team leaders


“I will get so much more out of my day. Starting tomorrow things are going to be different.”

Time and Priority Management


“Excited to get started and driven to improve our service as a team.”

SuperSized Service


“Course was such fun and I never thought I’d say this, but I can now go and do a client presentation confidently”

Presenting with Impact – Making Business Presentations Count

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