We develop people and performance skills for competitive advantage.

By developing critical core competence and business relevant skills we enable individuals and teams to step up and step towards change and challenge.

Today’s business environment is fast-paced, ultra-competitive and driven by technology, it’s increasingly complex, uncertain and functionally diverse.  Aligning people performance and business strategy isn’t always easy and creating and sustaining a competitive advantage, requires consistent effort and a resolute focus.

 And while there may be those who argue that the business of business is business, it has become increasingly clear that great people are vital to the success of any organisation. 

Investing in people and creating a strong values-based corporate culture is a powerful tool against an uncertain future and is  a significant organisational differentiator. Unquestionable competence matched with the character of passionate people wanting to make a difference through the work they do, will always be a powerful combination. 

When individuals and teams see change as opportunity and a growth-mindset a must, they interact with purpose, passion and professionalism, they bring their heads, hands and hearts to all they do and raise the bar when it comes to sales and service. 

we design real relevant fun

We are known for the design and delivery of training programmes that are real, relevant and fun. We do this with energy and enthusiasm, purpose and professionalism.

we deliver business relevant training

We deliver corporate training programmes that are business relevant and performance driven. Great learning experiences that are outcomes based and unit standard aligned.

we collaborate to meet client needs

We ensure that what we do, always works for you. We respect your training investment and collaborate to ensure your specific people and performance needs are met.

we challenge traditional mindsets

We champion learning and professional development that encourages curiosity and conversation, out of the box thinking and creative problem-solving.

we inspire behavioural change

We develop individuals and teams to step-up and step towards change and challenge. We focus on learning to improve everyday interactions and inspire behavioural change.

we put people first making business human

We cultivate courageous corporate cultures, where brave work, tough conversations and whole hearts make work meaningful and motivating.

Great people are vital to the success of any organisation. They are our only sustainable strategic advantage.

Warren Buffett

The most sustainable way to create value and navigate disruption is to continually invest in our capabilities, both as individuals and as organisations.

Few workplaces are free of conflict and it takes its toll as teams battle with what needs to be done and how best to do it.  Ineffective teaming leads to lost opportunity, creates conflict and misunderstanding, trust is often questioned and there is little desire to pull together, share responsibility or take accountability. 

Make no mistake, the way we work and interact with others is a gamechanger, it affects how energetically individuals and teams pull together to achieve common goals and is a key determinant in organisational excellence and sustained success.

Committed individuals and interdependent teams are clear as to how they add value and what it takes to create business and service experiences that turn everyday customers into raving fans. They are powerful assets who effectively navigating change. They have the mindset for creative problem solving and out of the box thinking and the skill set to consistently deliver on productivity, quality and service expectations.

 It is in the interdependence of character and competence that can build the DNA of organisational excellence, where individuals and teams can step-up and step-towards change and challenge and achieve more than they ever thought possible.


“Working with trainingmania is always a pleasure. We know who the facilitators will be and they are always excellence. Their experience enriches every session and I like that they are committed to see people grow and flourish.”  Branch Manager: Coastal Finance



We have worked with trainingmania for many years now. They are clear what needs to be achieved  work closely with us until it is done. Staff feedback is always excellent and that is why they are our go to people” Regional Manager: Risk – Financial Services


“ We don’t work with many providers because we see the benefits when a facilitator understands our business and our people. Caron has sound business experience and a   good grasp of what is important to us as a business. People development is not a quick fix and we can definitely attest to the benefit of the many people programmes trainingmania runs for us. The feedback is always great and our people love her and Buzz!”

Specialist – Learning and Development – Retail Academy


“ Our Contact Centre is the pulse of our business and when clients aren’t happy we hear of it here. Caron is often here observing and speaking with our team, she understands what we need and our training always hits the mark. She knows what is going on and Buzz too is an excellent facilitator.”

Manager Service Experience – Telecommunications


“Trainingmania came highly recommended and one programme led to the next and the next. I have attended many programmes and each one has been beneficial.  always hear the same from others who attend their courses.“

Human Resources Manager: Coastal


“As I’ve moved between companies and within the industry, I’ve used trainingmania regularly. The theory is covered and the exercises and discussions make you think. Training feedback is always excellent.”

Regional Business Executive: Consultants & Actuaries


“Trainingmania does all our people skills training. It’s good news when staff speak highly of the training they attend.  We usually have waiting lists for eager people wanting to attend the different courses.”

Manager : Training & Development : Insurance


“Treating Customers Fairly is a key focus area and we look at our processes and procedures to deliver on this. As we put our staff through the Business Writing Skills and the Interaction and Influence programmes, we are seeing a definite professionalism that wasn’t there previously and this is reflected in the customer survey reports and in team feedback results.”

Lead: Health Management Solutions


“ We have worked with trainingmania for a few years now. Caron understands what we need to achieve, often customises our courses and we get exactly what we are after. Delegates love the training and that’s always a win!”

Business Enablement Manager: Financial Services

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